Want your music to be heard? We're here to help!

BackingBand.com is a complete group of professional and reliable musicians based in Los Angeles whose purpose is to bring your music to life. With one phone call you can schedule the band for a gig, rehearsal, or recording session.  We can recreate existing songs you have previously recorded, or help you come up with new arrangements.


See video of BackingBand's live performance with Zed Jones at the NoHo Theatre and Arts Festival.


Hear the song Love That Made Me Laugh recorded with R&B artist Nelson Scott in October.


We just finished recording the debut album for pop/rock vocalist Michelle Clark.  Check out the music page to hear the song Crush.


See BackingBand in action by watching our EPK video


We've recorded our own holiday CD.  take a listen!

Why hire us?

Classified ads, auditions, and phone calls can be tiring and frustrating. Spend less time scheduling & maintaining band members and more time focusing on your career.  The members of the band are dependable, have a variety of high quality gear, reliable transportation, excellent chemistry, and most importantly, extensive experience on the stage and in the studio.

Find out more about what we do.

Watch the video from our Electronic Press Kit.  You'll meet the band and see some live gig footage.

BackingBand EPK Video

"Thank you for the hard work, time dedicated, and the profesional delivery. It was a privelege working with you, and a tremendous amount of fun." - Dave Slade

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